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Pet Friendly Apartment Living Tips | The Belmont

Pet Friendly Apartment Living Tips from The Belmont

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Freya, an Australian Shepherd
Moving to a new apartment with a pet, whether it be a dog or cat, can be an exciting experience. But moving can also be a hectic time and you may not think about the stress your furry friend feels in a new environment, or the unique challenges many pet owners face in an apartment setting.

That’s why it’s important to prepare and plan ahead to ensure your pet is happy and comfortable in their new home, and you’ve taken steps to minimize any problems that could arise. Grace, a resident of The Belmont, provides pet friendly apartment living tips here to help.

Grace shares her apartment with an Australian Shepherd, Freya, and her cat, Fletcher, so she’s experienced the joys and challenges of living in an apartment with both.

Fletcher, the cat

Tips to Help Avoid a Pet's Stress When Moving to a New Apartment  

Moving to a new apartment can be a stressful experience for both dogs and cats. Grace recommends introducing them to the new environment gradually. Put them in one room to acclimate and then slowly introduce them to the rest of the apartment. 

"Let them smell the area, and check it out," she says. As they become comfortable, slowly introduce them to other areas, people, and pets within the apartment community.

To help make the move less stressful for a dog, Grace says you can also put a chew toy or their favorite blanket in their kennel. This will help them feel more at home in the new environment.

Kennels are Important for Dogs in an Apartment

When asked what someone should know before moving to an apartment with a pet, Grace said "kennels are important, and dog bags." She says teaching your dog to be kenneled when not home helps avoid damage a dog may cause to the apartment. 

There are several other reasons why someone might choose to put their dog in a kennel when they are away from home. For instance, a well-constructed kennel provides a safe and secure environment for dogs, especially when their owners are away. Having this comfortable place to rest and relax can help reduce the stress and anxiety dogs may experience when their owners are away. Kennels can help teach them to be comfortable alone for extended periods, useful for dogs that struggle with separation anxiety.

Both dogs and cats may feel lonely when left alone in an apartment. Grace recommends giving them something with your scent on it. She does this for Fletcher and Freya, "an item that smells like me, something I slept in / with."

More Pet Friendly Apartment Living Challenges & Tips

While a kennel is not typically used for pet-proofing an apartment with a cat, your cat will need lots of options to scratch that doesn’t include your furniture. You can get tips on how to control where your cat scratches at Preventative Vet.  Grace also recommends always keeping litter clean and finding the right area to keep the litter box. 

"My bathroom has a chair spot in the counter, but I put my cat’s litter box there," she says as an example.  

Since most dogs don't use a litter box, soiling can be a problem in an apartment. Grace said her friend had an issue with his pet urinating on their carpet. He kenneled the dog while away and set a water drinking schedule. Those two measures solved the issue.

Noise complaints are another common challenge pet owners face when living in an apartment. To keep a dog from barking and disturbing other residents while you’re away, Grace recommends training and sound exposure. Leaving your dog with familiar sounds such as a radio or TV can help relieve the anxiety felt when left alone. The American Kennel Club provides more tips here

Best Dogs for Apartment Living

If you are moving to a pet-friendly apartment with plans to adopt a new dog, Grace recommends looking for a small or medium sized furball. They don’t have as much energy or make as much floor noise as a larger one. A potty-trained, low energy breed is also the best option for someone who works away from home for hours most days. 

Low-energy breed dogs have a more relaxed and calmer demeanor. They also require less exercise than high-energy breeds. 

As an example, Pugs are small, affectionate furbabies known for their low energy levels. They don’t require a lot of exercise and will be happy to spend their time snuggled up on the sofa with you. Basset Hounds and Bulldogs have a laid-back, easygoing temperament and will also be content to lounge around the apartment most of the day.

It's important to note that even low-energy dogs still require daily exercise and mental stimulation to maintain their health and wellbeing.

Looking for a Pet Friendly Apartment in Houston's Upper Kirby Area?

Consider The Belmont. We offer one- and two-bedroom apartments for rent with up to two pets, dogs and cats only. While we do have a 40-pound weight limit for pets in second and third-floor apartments, if you rent an apartment on the first floor, there are no weight or breed restrictions. See our pet policy to learn more and contact us to schedule a tour.   

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